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Welcome to our NEW Kizomba Advanced Volume 3! We think you will love this course since its packed with many new variations of steps, steps we´ve never taught in an Online Course before! We will also analyze and practice how we can embody some of these steps to the music, so we can create an interesting and dynamic dance experience with our dance partner.

* This course is recorded at two different occasions as you will see from the way we look, so don’t be chocked if you see Ronies hair being short in one moment and long in another. The 4th class and all classes forward are recorded at the latest occasion.

Both Sides

1. Leaders usually do most of their steps with the follower on their right side. In this class we explore how leaders can use the same steps with the follower on both sides.

Leg Sweeps

2. Cool leg sweeps on different sides, in front of each other and in shadow position, and different ways of exiting them.


3. Creative ways of getting the follower behind the leader, and cool ways of exiting the steps.

Direction Changes

4. We need to be very clear when we change directions in our dance, especially when it happens quickly and in many directions. Here we explain how its done, and also playing with taps and flowy pivots to create a contrast in the variations.


5. This is the first time ever we teach different ways of doing elegant Tango kicks in our dance, not only for the follower but also for the leaders.


6. Crossing the legs, both for leaders and followers, has become a big trend on the dance floors, and its super cool! Here we teach the techniques behind them and also how to do them from different positions, playing with the taps and flowy pivots to be more dynamic.


7. This might not be a super advanced class stepwise, but it’s a very useful class that will surely open up your minds and make you feel creative. Since they are so accessible in most positions its easier to be musical with them, a great tool to have In your dance.

Musicality – Theory

8. Before the MAIN Musicality class (the class after this one) I wanted to analyze this song even deeper, giving you a richer preunderstanding of the music structure and where element happens. This way of breaking down the music and therefore getting into the heads of the producers and musicians who creates all the songs that we dance to, will make you improve as a dancer. 


9. Musicality is what makes a dance experience interesting. In this session we will use steps from previous classes in this course and give you examples of where we can use them in the music. This will make us understand how fun doing the steps can be, not only knowing how they are done technically, but also how to embody them to the music.

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✅ 9 complete classes – Packed with NEW variations of steps, steps we´ve never taught in an Online Course before. We will also analyze and practice how we can use steps from the classes to the music, so we can create an interesting and dynamic dance experience with our dance partner

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Absolutely. There’s nothing like having an arsenal of lessons available to you whenever you want to practice or check to see if your technique is right. The videos you take of your instructors at the end of class often don’t have detailed step-by-step breakdowns, and it’s easy to forget things. These online lessons serve as an excellent supplement and you can watch them anytime.

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