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My Unique Method


My Unique Method


Kizomba Fusion Webinar

Musicality & Variations

My 7-day Challenge Videos

Kizomba preview videos and contents

Beginner/ Improver


  • 11 Lessons (each one around 20-40 min long)
  • The techniques and details behind great leading and following
  • Variations & Creativity rather than long sequences of steps
  • Creativity tools
  • Energy levels 
  • Basic 1, 2 & 3 
  • Basic 3 with turns
  • Open up, Circular chacha, Virgula 
  • Men Saida, Lady Saida 
  • Diff ways to combine both Men- & Lady Saida
  • Musicality on different levels 
  • Ethics & Respect



  • Fundamentals of Ronie’s kizomba fusion style
  • Focus on Variations of steps rather than long sequences of steps
  • The secrets behind great Leading and Following
  • Tempo variations
  • Cool Moves
  • Connection & Flow
  • How to use variations based on a shorter sequence of steps
  • Different ways of finishing steps
  • Musicality



  • 7 complete classes – Each class focusing on one set of skills and their variations
  • 1 Bonus Musicality class – 1 hour special class of advanced musicality
  • Turns & Spins with different tempo & directions
  • Arm and Leg lifts
  • Leading from behind and from each side
  • Torso turns
  • And much more…

Bachata Fusion Free Class

Bachata Course Contents

Beginner/ Improver

  • Class 1 – Different Basics, Arm positions
  • Class 2 – SideOpens, Energy Levels, Circular, Finishing 8ths.
  • Class 3 – From Behind for both
  • Class 4 – Hips, Waves, Solo
  • Class 5 – Turns, Creativity Tools, Polarity
  • Class 6 – MUSICALITY


  • Class 1 – Ways of playing between 5-8
  • Class 2 – Head Rolls
  • Class 3 – Changing positions, turning
  • Class 4 – Dips, Legs, Arms
  • Class 5 – Open position, flying, mixing
  • Class 6 – MUSICALITY – Using steps from this course to catch specific parts of the music + More


  • Class 1 – Leglifts, Energy Levels
  • Class 2 – Leglifts from behind
  • Class 3 – Hip Turns from diff positions
  • Class 4 – Cross Legs/Lady Saida Walk, Lean & Lift
  • Class 5 – Side Turns & Diprolls body & head
  • Class 6 – MUSICALITY

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Do I get a certificate?

Standard student’s courses do not offer a certificate.

Participants of the Instructors' Course DO GET a certificate after a successful exam via video call after completing the course. Certified instructors will also be recognised on the website confirming their official status.

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Of course! On each course page you will find a comments section where you can ask your questions if you need clarification or more info on anything related to the content.

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I attend kizomba/bachata classes in person. Will these lessons help?

Absolutely. There’s nothing like having an arsenal of lessons available to you whenever you want to practice or check to see if your technique is right. The videos you take of your instructors at the end of class often don’t have detailed step-by-step breakdowns, and it’s easy to forget things. These online lessons serve as an excellent supplement and you can watch them anytime.

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